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Research Projects

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Standardized participants (SP) can also be used for research projects. If the project requires a number of test subjects or answers from a focus group of people, the SPs can be that group of people. Contact us with your research proposals to discuss the involvement of SPs.

  • Reliable and standardized performance
  • The use of real people for research purposes
  • Ability to practice theories prior to putting them in writing & presenting
  • Use of role-play for research projects
  • Over 100 standardized participants of all demographics - ability to select SPs based on research needs
  • Focus Groups
  • Thesis practice
  • Panel for presentation of research findings
  • Patients for medical based research projects
  • Participants for all non-medical based projects
  • and more

The SP Program has a wide range of services and areas of expertise that can assist with the training and education of business professionals in an office or classroom setting. If you would like more information about the program and how we can assit with your training and learning. Please contact us: