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Medical Professionals & Faculty

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Since 1992 the Queen's SP Program has been specializing in developing and facilitating educational encounters for the Faculty of Health Sciences. The feedback from both faculty and students alike has been extremely positive. The students build confidence in their clinical skills while also learning how to communicate and show empathy to their patients through standardized encounters with actors portraing their patients. Students learn the theoretical side of their practice in the classroom and then are directed into their sessions with standardized patients to put their skills to the test. Using actors instead of real patients allows them to make mistakes without the risk of making a medical condition worse. The program works with faculty to ensure the topics are relevant and the cases and scenarios are fair for each student. 

  • Apply skills after learning in the classroom
  • High quality, valuable training that cannot be achieved through watching videos and reading books
  • With 20 fully equipped clinic rooms, the setting can be realistic
  • Gain confidence in soft skills such as communication & empathy
  • Feedback can be provided by request
  • Ability to learn & make mistakes in a safe, structured & supervised environment
  • Low risk - high reward - develop confidence through practice without the risk of making the situation worse
  • Clinical Skills testing
  • Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE)
  • Difficult conversations
  • Breaking bad news
  • History & Physical Examinations
  • Develop soft skills - communication, empathy, etc.

The SP Program has a wide range of services and areas of expertise that can assist with the training and education of business professionals in an office or classroom setting. If you would like more information about the program and how we can assit with your training and learning. Please contact us: