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Law Professionals & Faculty

law lawyer law professional jury mock jury standardized participant program

Law professionals are typically working with high takes cases where the outcome will directly impact many people’s lives. Developing simulations using standardized participants would allow students and professionals the opportunity to develop their statements and arguments outside of the courtroom to gain confidence and impact the real case.

  • Build confidence in your practice and ability to handle high stress cases
  • Dealing with distraught clients
  • How to handle lost cases - upset clients/families/press
  • Realistic & reliable situational training
  • Ability to practice skills outside of the courtroom
  • Learn from mistakes made in a safe, structured environment
  • Mock trials - SPs can be plaintiffs, complaintant, jury members
  • Client relations
  • Breaking bad news
  • Diversity training
  • And much more

The SP Program has a wide range of services and areas of expertise that can assist with the training and education of business professionals in an office or classroom setting. If you would like more information about the program and how we can assit with your training and learning. Please contact us: