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Emergency Services

emergency services police fire ambulance paramedic sp program

Emergency services personnel serving their community through police, fire, paramedic and other first reponse services are an integral part of all communities. The training and education these professionals receive is incredibly important. The Queen's SP Program can benefit these professionals through developing real life situations with trained actors that allow the opportunity to practice skills in a safe, standardized environment.

  • Standardization - instead of using colleagues and mannequins for their training we can provide highly trained actors who will perform the same role over and over again the same way so everyone has the same opportunity
  • Using real people in emergency situations will ensure they are learning the necessary communication skills to speak to people who would be in shock, injured, etc.
  • Realistic & reliable training
  • Ability to practice skills before encountering real life situations
  • Low risk - high reward - developing more competent professionals in a safe environment where mistakes can be made without the risk of making a situation worse
  • Recruitment testing
  • Update training
  • Mock emergency situations - accidents, fires, law enforcement, etc.
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Substance Abuse scenarios
  • Scenario De-escalation
  • Conflict Resolution

The SP Program has a wide range of services and areas of expertise that can assist with the training and education of emergency services personnel. If you would like more information about the program and how we can assit with your training and learning. Please contact us: