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The QuARMS Curriculum

Content and Structure

The curriculum consists of two components that run in parallel; one is devoted to meeting the requirements of the first 2 years of an Honours degree in the Faculty of Arts and Science; the other is a unique and integrated set of enrichment/experiential learning modules and electives that are developed and delivered by members of the School of Medicine (SoM) to prepare students for entry into the School of Medicine at the end of year 2 of their undergraduate Bachelor program.

Faculty of Arts and Science

  • Students must complete 30 units/year over the fall and winter terms (equivalent to 5 courses per term).
  • Students must take, as core requirements, BIOL 102/103CHEM 112MATH 121 (if Calculus has not been taken in high school, STAT 263, or an equivalent course, can be used as an alternative[1]) ENGL 100 and PHGY 215/216 [2]. These courses are chosen to provide all students with a fundamental knowledge of biological processes, quantitative reasoning skills, and communication skills.
  • Students who receive IB or AP transfer credits for any of these courses may count up to 12.0 units without repeating the course(s).    
  • Online courses are intended to supplement offerings for on-campus students and to provide them with flexibility and choice.  On-campus students begin enrolling in online courses after their first year at Queen's University.  The Faculty of Arts and Science encourages first-year students to take part in the classroom experience to help with the transition from high school. First year CORE courses MUST be taken In-Class.  (Consult the Continuing and Distance Studies website for online course offerings in the Summer Term.)
  • At the end of year one, students participate in the plan selection process and choose an honours plan for which they have the required pre-requisites.
  • Students will be expected to take all 2nd year core requirements in the degree plan of their choice in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

[1] STAT 263 - should be taken in year two
[2] PHGY 214 - (BIOL 102/103 is a pre-requisite)


Upon admission, each student will be assigned a faculty member and either a first or second-year medical student as mentors.

School of Medicine

  • In the fall and winter terms of year 1 and 2, each student will complete a series of mandatory, seminar-based enrichment modules. These modules will require 3 hours/week in-class and 1-3 hours/week outside of class for assignments. They cannot be used for credit towards the degree in the Faculty of Arts and Science.
  • Each student will also complete a compulsory, experiential learning module that will be offered in the summer term in year 1 and 2. These modules cannot be used for credit towards the degree in the Faculty of Arts and Science.
  • The primary goals of these modules are:
    • To acquire competencies that are relevant to the practice of Medicine.
    • To extend and apply these competencies through experiential learning and electives.

Progression from year 1 to year 2 and from year 2 to Queen's School of Medicine

Guiding principles

  • Students may voluntarily withdraw from QuARMS and continue their studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science with no academic penalty.
  • Until students are admitted to the School of Medicine, students will be bound by regulations stipulated by the Faculty of Arts and Science. These regulations include those pertaining to progression from year 1 to year 2 (see the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar, Academic Regulations and University Policies: regulations 2 and 13).
  • Policies governing the evaluation of seminar-based enrichment modules offered by the School of Medicine and progression from year 2 to the School of Medicine will be based on regulations stipulated by the School of Medicine
  • With the goal of identifying potential problems before they compromise academic performance and acquisitions of competencies related to communicator, health advocate, scholar, collaborator, and standards of professional conduct, students will receive individual academic advice and support from their mentors and the Associate Dean of Life Sciences and Biochemistry

Criteria for progression to the School of Medicine

  • Complete 60 units in an Honours degree plan in the Faculty of Arts and Science and,
  • Obtain a MINIMUM cumulative GPA of 3.50 over the two-year period as defined by the Faculty of Arts and Science and,
  • Meet the criteria to be placed on the Dean’s Honours List in the Faculty of Arts and Science in Year 2  (That is, achieving a GPA of 3.50 cumulative average of all courses taken during the academic year from September 1 to April 30 of the second year) and,
  • Obtain a Pass standing on all components of the QuARMS curriculum and,
  • Have demonstrated satisfactory professional behaviour as determined by the School of Medicine Progress, Promotions and Remediation Committee.