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The Admissions Process for September 2019

Our policies have now been revised to make it clear that there are two admission steps; the first to the QuARMS program and the second to the MD program. Students who are admitted to the QuARMS program have the opportunity, after two years of undergraduate study, to apply for admission to the MD program. To be clear, admission to the MD program is not guaranteed by admission to the QuARMS program.


To be considered for admission to QuARMS, you must complete the following steps:

  • Submit a complete application to one, or more, of the following Queen's University direct-entry undergraduate programs through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC):
    • Bachelor of Arts Honours (QA)
    • Bachelor of Science Honours (QS)
    • Bachelor of Computing Science Honours (QD)
  • Be nominated by your High School of full-time study for the Chancellor's Scholarship (Min. 90% Average)
  • Log on to your Queen's SOLUS Student Center to access and submit the online Major Admission Award application to Queen's University

The practice application link, which provides a link to the practice application form as well as information regarding all Major Admission Awards, is available on the Registrar's office awards page; to access this page CLICK HERE.

What Happens Next?

A select group of Chancellor's Scholarship nominees will be contacted by email and invited to submit a supplementary application. These supplementary applications will be sent to candidates by email. Instructions regarding completion of the application and the instructions for the Letter of Reference will be included.

Late February
QuARMS application, academic and non-academic forms must be submitted by email to the School of Medicine Admissions Office.

From the supplementary applications received, a small, select group of applicants (appx. 40), will receive invitations to the QuARMS interviews ***Travel Bursary Available

Early April:
Evening reception for QuARMS candidates (interviews held the next day)
QuARMS interviews at Queen's University, School of Medicine (full day)

Late April:
All candidates who participated in the interview process will be notified of their QuARMS admissions status.

***Financial Assistance: Queen's offers need-based assistance to supplement family resources for students admitted to a first-entry undergraduate program at Queen's.
Invited candidates may be eligible for a travel bursary to assist with travel expenses to Queen's University. Further information will be provided to the candidates invited to the QuARMS interviews.


After Two Years of Undergraduate Study

Students will need to apply directly to the School of Medicine Admissions Committee. Students will not need to apply through OMSAS and will not need to write the MCAT.