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Director of Resident Wellness - Dr. Melissa Andrew

Photo of Director of Resident Wellness, Dr. Melissa Andrew

Dr. Melissa Andrew, MD, MEd, FRCPC, is the Director of Resident Wellness. Her role is to enrich the postgraduate experience by establishing and maintaining support services for residents.  This is done by providing a variety of services including:

  • Facilitating the transition from undergraduate medical student to postgraduate resident.
  • Support, counselling and referrals to postgraduate residents in difficulty.  Support will be provided on all aspects of the resident experience including issues relating to personal, career, financial, and academic matters.
  • Support for International Medical Graduates and referrals to existing University programs of interest to the international community.
  • Informing residents about their rights in academic matters.
  • Provision of feedback and recommendations to the Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education, on resident services and administrative processes.
  • Establishment of partnerships with providers of academic and non-academic support within the Queen’s community to facilitate timely access to those services by residents.


Although the majority of residents cope well during training, a significant number struggle in areas of physician health and wellness.  Key stressors include:

  • finances
  • career choice; competitive environment
  • demanding schedules
  • exam pressure
  • personal relationships
  • surrounded by suffering and death
  • sleep deprivation
  • sense of little control over training, hours
  • high level of responsibility
  • focus on errors and poor outcomes

When residents based in Kingston do rotations outside of Kingston, they will primarily access resources based in Kingston by directly contacting the Director of Resident Affairs.

For residents who are geographically removed from Kingston for long or continuous rotations, Regional Learner Advocates (RLAs) are available in each community outside of Kingston where there is a satellite residency program, or a dedicated clinical teaching unit with continuous learners.

To book an appointment with Dr. Andrew, contact her at or by phone at (613) 533-2543.