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Waivers of Training

The Queen's University Postgraduate Medical Education Committee has established a policy that there will be no Waivers of Training granted.  Leaves of absence from residency training will continue to be available in keeping with the PARO Agreement.  In accordance with the RCPSC and CFPC joint policy, the time lost or rotations missed are to be made up with equivalent time in the residency program.   This policy takes effect immediately.  Waivers of training will be grandfathered to those who took a leave prior to December 2008 and those residents will be eligible to apply in their final year for a waiver of training.  

Approval:  Postgraduate Medical Education Committee, December 17, 2008
Amended:  Postgraduate Medical Education Committee, April 29, 2009
Reaffirmed:  Postgraduate Medical Education Committee, February 16, 2011