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Prospective Students

Prospective Students

The combined MD/PhD and MD/Master’s  programs at Queen’s University are offered jointly by the School of Medicine and the School of Graduate Studies, with the participation of the graduate programs in Biomedical Engineering (Collaborative Program), Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Cancer Research (Collaborative Program), Computing, Epidemiology, Kinesiology and Health Studies, Neuroscience, Pathology and Molecular Medicine,  and Rehabilitation Science.

The program combines the four year (9 term) Undergraduate Medical Program with an 11 term (PhD) or 5 term (Master’s) period of full-time enrolment in one of the participating graduate programs. Students will complete all course requirements of the Undergraduate MD Program, the course and thesis requirements of the particular graduate program in which they are enrolled, the PhD comprehensive exam, if applicable, and any other requirements of the particular graduate program.

Participating Graduate programs:


In the MD/ Master's program, students complete the first two years of the MD program followed by a full year of full-time enrolment in the chosen graduate program, in which they fulfill course requirements, conduct research and write and defend the thesis. Students are also enrolled full time in the graduate program over the summer months of the first two medical years. Following completion of the Master’s degree, students enter years three and four of the MD program.


In the MD/PhD program, students spend the first two years in the PhD program, in which they complete course requirements (if any), complete the PhD comprehensive exam, and conduct research. Students then enter the first two years of the MD program, continuing their research over the summer months. Following year two of the MD program, students re-enter the PhD program for a final year, in which they complete the thesis research, and write and defend the thesis.  Although this is the normal path through the first five years of the program, alternative routes can be considered, subject to approval by the MD/PhD-MD/Master’s Committee, if a strong case can be made by the student and PhD supervisor. Following completion of the PhD degree, students enter years three and four of the MD program. It is expected that students will complete the graduate degree within the time frame outlined above. However, it is recognized that some students in the MD/PhD program may require an additional year of graduate studies to complete the PhD portion of the combined degree program. 

Applicants must meet the admission requirements for both programs (both the MD and PhD programs or MD and MSc programs) and will be assessed for eligibility for admission by each program. The minimum requirement for the MD/PhD or MD/Master’s Programs at Queens’s University is an Honours baccalaureate degree.

Applicants to this combined program must be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada.

Please see MD program requirements here.

Students with a master’s degree or graduate students in the second year of a master’s program are also eligible to apply. Students registered in a master’s program at the time of application must complete the requirements for the master’s degree prior to entry into the combined MD/PhD program. Applicants must have an obvious and demonstrated research potential.

Applicants complete and submit an application to the MD/PhD or MD/MSc program online on the OMSAS website and indicate their request to be considered for a combined program by checking off the appropriate box on the application form.

There are additional items required for the MD/PhD or MD/MSc programs. These items were previously submitted outside of the OMSAS platform; however, you are now required to submit these items through OMSAS. All application pieces must be submitted to OMSAS by the October 1st deadline.

These additional items include:

  • A current Curriculum Vitae
  • A letter of intent indicating your research interests and accomplishments, and graduate program(s) of interest.
  • Abstracts of any publications, if available
  • 2 additional confidential letters of recommendation (to be submitted under separate cover) focusing on your research accomplishments and potential to become a physician-scientist. This is in addition to the 3 recommendation letters that are required for the MD application. You will be able to select these referees under the Referee section of your OMSAS application as well.
    • You are allowed to use the same referee for both the PhD/MSc component of this application and the MD references. However there are different forms that will need to be completed as an MD referree and as a PhD/MSc referee. The MD component will require the completion of the Confidential Assessment Form (CAF), the PhD/MSc referree will be required to upload a letter of recomendation. You will see t the referree selection choices in the OMSAS application.
  • If you are currently completing a PhD or have completed a PhD, you must include an additional one-page statement clearly stating the reasoning for why another PhD degree or Master's degree is necessary to advance your skill sets and how different this PhD or Master's will be from the existing degree that you hold. This document must be uploaded using the SAM tool in OMSAS as part of your application.
  • Applicants must apply through OMSAS. Further information is provided to you within the OMSAS application.

Important: You must indicate your intention to apply to this program in your OMSAS Application. By selecting this option, you are indicating that this is your first choice at Queen’s and, as such, you will be considered for this program first. If you are unsuccessful in receiving an interview or offer for this program, your application will only then be moved to the MD Kingston Campus Program for consideration. You will not be considered simultaneously for both MD/PhD or MD/MSc combined programs and the MD Kingston Campus Program. If you are offered a position in the MD/PhD-MD/MSc program at the time of admission and choose to decline it, your application will be closed and hence you will not then be considered for the MD Kingston Campus program.

Applications are first assessed by the Admissions Committee for the Undergraduate MD Program, and only if the applicant is invited for interview, will the application be reviewed and ranked by the MD/PhD-MD/Master’s Program Committee. Applications to be considered by the MD/PhD-MD/Master’s Program Committee are first reviewed by the Graduate Admissions Committee of the applicant’s stated graduate program(s) of interest. Applicants who meet the admissions requirements and are acceptable to the chosen graduate program(s) are then ranked by the MD/PhD-MD/Master’s Program Committee and highly ranked candidates are invited for interview. Interviews by the MD/PhD-MD/Master’s Program Committee will coincide with the applicant’s interview for the MD Program.

Following the completion of interviews, the MD/PhD-MD/Master’s Program Committee ranks the candidates.  After offers of admission to an MD/PhD or MD/Master's are made, a graduate research supervisor must be identified, and an application submitted to the appropriate graduate program through the regular process (School of Graduate Studies) (application materials already submitted to the MD/PhD-MD/Master’s Program will be forwarded to the appropriate graduate program).  

Final acceptance into the MD/PhD or MD/Master’s Program is conditional on acceptance from the School of Graduate Studies. Those who are not offered admission to the MD/PhD-MD/Master’s Program will be ranked together with the other candidates invited for interview for the Undergraduate MD Program.

During the period of funding eligible full-time graduate study (maximum of 6 terms for Master’s, 12 terms for PhD), Master’s and PhD students will receive at least the minimum guaranteed stipend for the graduate program in which they are enrolled.

Primary sources for funding packages include Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships and Queen’s Graduate Award funding. Secondary sources include internal and external competitive awards.  

During the period of study in the MD program, a stipend of $25,000 per year for four years will be provided for MD/PhD students, and $15,000 per year for MD/Master's students in the first two years of MD program.