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Chandra Tayade

Welcome to the combined MD/PhD and MD/Master's Programs at Queen’s University.  Students admitted into a combined program will have the opportunity to combine research training with a Queen’s medical education.  For the graduate degree component, the combined programs draw on the pool of over 180 Graduate faculty members of the participating graduate programs for supervision of thesis projects; for the MD program, our state-of-the-art School of Medicine Building, one of the premier teaching facilities in North America, allows for the integration of modern teaching methods, technology, and interdisciplinary practices to provide a truly exceptional medical training experience.

Our combined MD/PhD program allows for effective integration of the clinical and basic sciences during the pre-clerkship years, and for tailoring of the program to individual student needs. Another distinguishing feature of our combined programs is the opportunity for some students to complete a Master’s degree.  This may be attractive to a subset of medical students who wish to have exposure to basic science research without necessarily completing doctoral studies. With the creation of MD/PhD and MD/Master’s programs at Queen’s, we are eager to actively participate in the education of future leaders of Canada’s health care and academic medicine communities. Come join us!

Chandrakant Tayade, DVM, PhD
Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Education
Director, MD/PhD-MD/Master’s Program