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Connecting to Wi-Fi & Multi-Factor Authentication

Accessing KHSC services remotely on non-KHSC secured networks requires the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), in addition to your username and password. MFA is one of several security measures that enhances KHSC's protection against security threats such as Phishing attacks.


MFA is similar to security measures already in place in the financial industry and other online web-platforms. As such you're already likely familiar with this feature in some form. Users who require access to KHSC Services such as Citrix (e.g. PCS), Webmail or Kronos from outside the KHSC network - such as your home, Queen’s campus, the KGH-Guest Network, etc. - must access it with MFA. To do this you need to download an app onto your smartphone, tablet, or laptop that will provide you with a digital token. Follow the instructions below to get set up with MFA.


1.       On your smartphone or tablet, open the app called ‘Google Play Store’ (Android devices) or the ‘App Store’ (Apple Users) and search for Google Authenticator.


2.       Download and install the authenticator to your device.


3.       Open Google Authenticator and click ‘Begin Setup’. Follow the instructions on your device until you are prompted to add an account and select ‘Scan a Barcode’.


4.       On your computer or laptop, log into Citrix and open Internet Explorer or Chrome. Go to (on a KHSC secured network) or (on a non-KHSC secured network) and enter your username and password to login (the same credentials you would normally enter to login to your laptop).


5.       You will be brought to the ‘Enroll a New Token’ screen. Click the ‘Enroll Token’ icon and a Barcode will appear.


6.       Ensure that Google Authenticator is open on your mobile device and select ‘Scan a Barcode’ if you haven’t already. Following the instructions on your device, point your device’s camera to scan the barcode on your laptop/ PC. Your device will then add KHSC to the Authenticator app.


Congratulations! You are now enrolled in Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).  When you log into services like Citrix or Webmail from a remote connection, you will enter your username, password and the token number provided in your MFA app. Please be aware the token number changes every 30 seconds, so you will see a new number at each login.