Selection Factors

The Admissions Committee believes that the following characteristics are important in the successful study and practice of medicine, and will assess these factors at different points in the admissions process:

      Academic Abilities       Personal Characteristics
  • commitment and achievement
  • problem-solving
  • critical thinking
  • self-directed learning
  • scientific reasoning
  • ability to function as a team player
  • ability to communicate effectively
  • sensitivity to the needs of others
  • adaptability and ability to cope with stress
  • creativity and extracurricular interests
We do not consider your:
  • Program of Studies
    The Admissions Committee does not give preference to applicants who have studied in a particular university program. Applicants are encouraged to consider all of the undergraduate programs available to them and to embark on the course of studies in which they have the greatest interest and that would prepare them for an alternate career should they not gain a place in medicine.
  • Level of Training
    No preference is shown to applicants at any particular level of training.
  • Geographic location/residence
    Place of residence and location of the university where studies have been undertaken are not criteria in selection.
  • Other
    Age, sex, race, religion, and sexual orientation are not factors considered in the selection process.