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Terms of Reference


Members of the School of Medicine Academic Council shall consist of the Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers who have a full-time or Adjunct 1 appointment in the School of Medicine.  The President and a Vice-President of the Aesculapian Society, the student Senators and the Presidents of the four medical year classes,; two representatives of the Medical postgraduate students registered in the faculty; and a staff member within the School of Medicine.


Director of the School of Medicine shall be Chair.  The Secretary will be the Secretary to the School of Medicine.


The members of the School of Medicine Academic Council have the power to meet and to administer the affairs of the School of Medicine.

Terms of Reference

1.    to recommend to Faculty Board the programs leading to a degree.
2.    to recommend to Faculty Board the requirements for Admission to the School of Medicine.
3.    to make recommendations to the Director or Faculty Board regarding such things deemed expedient for promotion of efficiency of the Faculty.
4.    To pass such regulations and by-laws as may be necessary for the exercise of the functions of the School.
5.    To consider any other matters that may effect the achievement of the mission of the school and make recommendation to the Director of the School and to Faculty Board as appropriate.
6.    SOM Executive will carry out the policies of SOMAC between meetings.


The Council shall meet three (3) times a year or at the request of the Director, or 25 members of the school.  The Council shall meet in the Fall, Winter and Spring and at other times as necessary.


Twenty-five members of the Faculty of the School of Medicine shall constitute a quorum.

revised and approved by SOMAC May 20, 2008