UGME Curriculum Leaders' Retreat:

May 20, 2011
Course Directors, Competency Leads, Year Directors and other curriculum leaders in Queen’s UGME gathered at the Radisson Hotel on May 20, 2011 for a day-long retreat on teaching and curriculum.  Organized by Dr. Elaine Van Melle and the UGME Teaching and Learning Committee, the topics of communication among courses, strategies for small group learning, and developing and using online modules were selected through a survey of Course Directors.

The retreat was introduced by Dr. Tony Sanfilippo who gave an update on the current status and future of the curriculum. A “synergy” session followed, where all had an opportunity to view and post notes on Course Summaries, prepared after careful mapping of the entire pre-clerkship curriculum by Curriculum Assistant Allison Rush-Rhodes. This was an effective way to introduce the many themes and topics in courses to Course Directors and Competency Leads. Dr. Paula James, Course Director of Blood and Coagulation and Dr. Michael Adams, Course Director of Fundamentals of Therapeutics, demonstrated how to make small group learning work…by making small group learning work! Lynel Jackson of MEdTech showed faculty what options there are for developing online modules.

In the afternoon portion, participants chose among sessions on assessment, featuring guest speaker Dr. Don Klinger from the Queen’s Faculty of Education, on portfolio learning and assessment, featuring guest speaker Dr. Jane Griffiths of Post-graduate Family Medicine, and on clerkship planning, lead by Clerkship Director Dr. Lindsay Davidson. Curriculum leaders wrote education plans for the future to be taken to the UGME Teaching and Learning Committee, and came away with many ideas to share and implement with their course teams. With good company, excellent food, tea and coffee always in constant supply and a visit by Dean Reznick in the social hour following the retreat, the retreat was an excellent beginning to the bi-annual series planned by UGME.