Self-Assessment Questions

IDevice Question Icon Question 1
Which of the following features of pleural drainage systems indicate an active air leak?
a. bubbling in the water seal chamber
b. bubbling in the collection chamber
c.  fluctuation of water in the water seal chamber with respirations

IDevice Question Icon Question 2
Which of the following is an absolute contraindication to chest tube placement?
a. parenchymal scarring
b. lung adherent to chest wall throughout the hemithorax
c. patient taking anticoagulation medication for greater than 6 months
d.  patient has stage 4 lung cancer

IDevice Question Icon Question 3
Which of the following statements regarding the chest tube is correct?
a. chest tubes are sized according to their external diameter in French (Fr) units
b. chest tubes sized 28-36 Fr are most appropriate for children
c. the radio-opaque stripe runs the length of the tube and outlines the proximal drainage hole
d. the radio-opaque stripe runs the length of the tube and outlines the distal drainage hole

Question 4

The incision site overlies the rib below the intended insertion site

True False
IDevice Question Icon Question 5
Choose the INCORRECT statement
a. when confirming the correct placement of a chest tube via CXR, the outline of the proximal drainage hole should lie just outside the pleural space
b. when evacuating chronic large pulmonary effusions, to avoid re-expansion pulmonary edema do not collect greater than 1.5L within a 30 minute period
c. subcutaneous emphysema may present as "crackles" on skin palpation