The Admission Process

To be considered for admission to QuARMS, you must complete the following steps:
  • Submit a complete application to one, or more, of the following Queen's University direct-entry undergraduate programs through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC): Bachelor of Arts Honours (QA), Bachelor of Science Honours (QS), Bachelor of Computing Science Honours (QD)
  • Meet the admission requirements for the undergraduate program(s).
  • Be nominated for the Chancellor's Scholarship (one of Queen's Universities Major Admission Awards) and submit the Major Admission Awards application. The completed Major Admission Award application must be received by Queen's University
The application link, which provides a link to the application form as well as information regarding all Major Admission Awards, is available on the Registrar's office awards page; to access this page CLICK HERE.

For a quick link straight to the Application Form please CLICK HERE.

For instructions on HOW TO fill out the Application Form please CLICK HERE.

What happens next?

Mid-February: A select group of nominees (no more than 300) for the Chancellor's Scholarship will be contacted by email and invited to submit a supplementary application (students will have two weeks to complete and submit this supplementary application), which will be considered by the QuARMS Admission Committee. All students will receive an email with an update on the status of their nomination.

Mid-March: From the supplementary applications received, a small, select group of applicants (40-50), will be invited to participate in an on-campus interview with a QuARMS Interview Team (typically 3 members on the team) from the School of Medicine.

Early April: Invited candidates will meet with the Interview Team at Queen's University, School of Medicine.

Late April/Early May: The 10 students selected for admission to QuARMS will be notified. (All students who participated in the interview process will be contacted by April 24th with an update on the status of their application.)