List of Past Resident Scholarly Project

Dr. Ave Ellaurie (2016-2017): Subjective Response to Treatment in a Palliative Care Clinic Specializing in Management of Advanced Dyspnea in Non-Malignant Population

Dr. Roddy Davey (2015-2016): Muscle Mass with Progressive Dyspnea in Advanced Cancer.

Dr. Jaimi Heidman (2014-2016): Palliative Care Pocket Book

Dr. Saneea Abboud (2014-2015): Exploring the Impact of Art Therapy on Ambulatory Palliative Care Patients with an Incurable Cancer Diagnosis

Dr. Kelly Parks (2013-2014): Assisted Death: Murder or End-of-Life Care.

Dr. Stephen Singh (2011-2012): Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Secondary to Cancer Related Pain Crisis - case study.

Dr. Christina Quinlan (2011-2012): Financial Impact of Palliative Care Services - literature review; Palliative Care Referral Information Sheet.

Dr. Arnell Baguio (2010 - 2011): Developing a rational, step-wise, pharmacologic approach to bowel management for palliative care patients - literature review.

Dr. Desmond Leung (2010-2011): Cancer Cachexia: systematic review of medications used in its management.

Dr. Abdullah Suhail (2008-2010): Effect of Inhaled Nebulized Fentanyl Citrate on Exercise Tolerance & Exertional dyspnea in Patients with COPD

Dr. Rawabi Shaikh (2007-2008): Establishing home based palliative care in King Fahad Specialist Hospital Saudi Arabia

Dr. Natalie Kondor (2006-2008): Palliative Care in Prince Edward County: Addressing a Priority

Dr. Julia Wildish (2005-2006): Efficacy of Topical Opioids for the Treatment of Pain from Skin Ulcers: A Review of the Evidence

Dr. Lana Tan (2004-2005): Opioid Rotation to Methadone for Cancer Pain: A retrospective chart review

Dr. Areej Matar (2004-2005): A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of menthol for management of dyspnea

Dr. Desiree Dunn (2003-2004): Physician Burnout: A Palliative Care Fellow’s Recommendations for Prevention

Dr. Rafa Al-Shehri (2002-2003): A Comparative Descriptive Study of Palliative Care in Saudi Arabia and Palliative Care in Canada