Block Rotations in Palliative Medicine

General Information

  • Overview
Welcome to the Palliative Care Medicine Service. The Palliative Care Medicine Service addresses issues of pain and symptom management, psychosocial distress, and end-of-life care for the population of Southeastern Ontario. The service is comprised of Palliative Medicine Physicians and an interprofessional health care team who provide in-patient consultative services at the Kingston General Hospital and Providence Care Hospital, and out-patient consultative services for cancer patients through Palliative Medicine Clinics in the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario. The Service also offers telephone consultation to community physicians throughout the region. Primary palliative care is provided to patients in 3 designated Complex Palliative Care beds on Kidd 9 at KGH and 10 designated beds at St. Mary’s of the Lake, and community patients requiring enhanced palliative skills. 

To ensure an adequate orientation to the rotation, we encourage residents to consider not taking the first few days of the rotation as vacation.

Please review the General Orientation Presentation, KGH/CCSEO Stream and PCU/COMM Stream prior to the start of your rotation.

Location: 34 Barrie Street
Office hours: 8:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday

Ruili Fang*
Telephone: 613-549-6666 x3223
*contact for scheduling, on call 

Cortney Longfield ** 
Telephone: 613-548-2485
** contact if you are ill, coming late, etc.

Michelle Maloney ***
Telephone: 613-549-6666 x 6204
*** contact for updating patients of community

First Day
On the first day of your rotation, please come to the Palliative Care Medicine Office, 34 Barrie Street, at 8:00 to meet with the team.

Weekly Team Meetings

Weekend Turnover Rounds (All residents)
• Monday 8:00 (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) at 34 Barrie Street
• Review of patient issues that occurred over the weekend, followed by brief resident presentations. Please note the date of your presentation under "schedules" for your block of rotation.

Interprofessional Team Meeting (Residents KGH/CCSEO Stream)
• Wednesday 0915 in the KIDD 9 conference room
• Meet with SW, volunteer coordinator, dietitian and spiritual care to review KGH inpatients being followed by consult team

Interprofessional Team Meeting (Residents PCU/COMM Stream) 
  • Thursday 0800 in the 2nd floor Conference Room
Academic Palliative Medicine Rounds
• Fridays 08:00 – 09:00 (September to June) in the conference room at 36 Barrie Street 
• Various topics of relevance to Palliative Care (

Patient Lists 
Cortney Longfield maintains a current patient list for KGH & Providence Care Hospital PCU. Michelle Maloney maintains the community list. A complete list for all sites is distributed at weekend turnover rounds on Mondays. An updated list is available Fridays for those on call on the weekend. To ensure the list is accurate, it is important to advise Cortney and Michelle as to new consults, deaths, sign-offs etc.

Suggested Pre-reading:

  • Therapeutic Reviews. Series Co-Editors: Andrew Wilcock, DM, FRCP, and Robert Twycross, DM, FRCP - Stimulant Laxatives and Opioid-Induced Constipation. Robert Twycross, Nigel Sykes, Mary Mihalyo, and Andrew Wilcock. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management Vol. 43 No. 2 February 2012: 306-313 PDF
  • Understanding Physicians' skills at Providing EOL Care - Perspectives of Patients, Families, and Health Care Workers. J. R. Curtis, M. Wenrich, J. Carline, S. Shannon, D. Ambrozy, P. Ramsey. Journal of Gerneral Internal Medicine Vol16(1) Jan 2001: 41-49 PDF
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Multiple Choice Test (PDF)