Postgraduate Calendar of Events


Statutory Holidays - RED
Block Rotations - PURPLE
CaRMS Events - BLUE
Award Deadlines - BROWN
CFPC Dates & Events - ORANGE
RCPSC Dates & Events - NAVY


Canada Day
Start of academic year
Start of Block 1
Start of Block 2
On-line Request for Registration opens for R4 Match
Applicant Webstation opens for R4 Match applicants


Civic Holiday
Renewal of Examination Eligibility Forms due - Spring Exams
Start of Block 3
Applicants begin FM/EM (R3) Match online process
Applications for Assessment of an Additional Specialty - Fall Exams


Labour Day
CaRMS Applicant Webstation opens for R1 Match applicants
Start of Block 4
RCPSC International Conference on Residency Education
RCPSC International Conference on Residency Education Blog
Interview Period begins for R4 Match applicants


Applications due: FM Spring Exam - Practice Eligible Candidates
Henry Albert Beatty Fellowship
CaRMS Program Selection Opens
CaRMS R3 Interview Invitations Finish
Start of Block 5
Family Medicine Forum


Wigle Award for Postgraduate Medical Education Research
R3 National Interview Period
Start of Block 6
Internal Reviews
R3 Rank Order List system open to applicants
R4 Match Day


R3 Rank Order Lists must be submitted
R3 Match Day
Start of Block 7
Boxing Day


New Year's Day
RaTS Session
Start of Block 8
PGMEC Meeting
Physician Management Institute - Level III
National Interview Period Begins
Canadian Research Awards for Specialty Residents (Medicine, Surgery)
Dr. Katherine M. Detre Award


Applications due - FM Spring Exam: Residency Eligible/Previously Unsuccessful Candidates
CaRMS Rank Order List system open to applicants
Start of Block 9
RaTS Session
National Interview Period Ends
Family Day
PGMEC Meeting
PAIRO Resident Teaching Award


Match Day (12:00pm)
Start of Block 10
RaTS Session
Ron Wigle Mentorship Award
Good Friday
PGMEC Meeting
Ivan T. Beck Research Prize for Digestive Diseases
Fred Allan Vokes Memorial Fund Award


Applications due: FM Fall Exam - Practice Eligible Candidates
CaRMS Rank order list system opens to applicants (2nd iteration)
Start of Block 11
RaTS Session
CaRMS rank order list system closes (2nd iteration)
Match Day (2nd iteration)
TIPS for residents & faculty
PGMEC Meeting
Beatrice and Harold Cohen Prize in Medical Ethics
KJR Wightman Award for Scholarship in Ethics
Preliminary Assessment of Training Form returned to RCPSC for Spring Exams


RCPSC/AMS Donald Richards Wilson Awards
Start of Block 12
RaTS Session
Examination Form returned to RCPSC For Fall Exams
Victoria Day
PSI Resident Research Award
CSCI Award Program for Excellence in Resident Research
PGMEC Meeting


Start of Block 13
RaTS Session
Applications due: FM/EM Exam - All Candidates
PGMEC Meeting
Applications due: FM Fall Exam - Residency Eligible & Previously Unsuccessful Candidates