The Weather in Kingston

When you move to Kingston from the Middle East, one of the biggest changes you will encounter is the weather.  Kingston, like the rest of Canada, has four different seasons each year.  Each season lasts for approximately three months and each has its own unique weather.  Many of our residents and clinical fellows from the Gulf arrive in the summer and this season will seem the most familiar to you as it can be quite hot (although nowhere near as hot as in the Gulf states!).  Temperatures can sometimes climb over 30C and it's very common to see many people casually dressed in shorts and tshirts.

The Fall (or Autumn) is a beautiful time of year as many of the leaves on the trees change colour.  Green leaves change to brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow and will slowly drop to the ground as the weather cools down. 

Winters can be cold and snowy.  Several feet of snow may accumulate on the ground and temperatures will sometimes drop below -30C.  Of all the seasons, winter is the one which can make newcomers nervous.  The trick is to know what to expect and to prepare accordingly.  Buildings are climate controlled and constructed with weather in mind.  In the winter, homes and offices are centrally heated and kept at a comfortable temperature no matter how cold it is outside.  When you do go out, you'll need to have appropriate clothing.  You'll need warm winter boots, a hat, scarf, gloves, and a thick coat.  Winters in Canada can be wonderfully exciting - you can experience sports and activities like skating, skiing, or sledding.  In Kingston, there's a winter festival called FebFest which is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the heart of the city. 

As fun as the winter can be, people are always ready for Spring to arrive.  The temperatures begin to warm up, the snow melts, and all the grass and parks turn green again.  A sure sign that spring is coming is the annual Maple Madness, a chance to see maple syrup being collected and made at a local conservation area.

Whatever the season, be prepared to enjoy something very different from your home country.  If you're prepared and have a positive attitude, we're sure you'll enjoy the different seasons in Canada!

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