Resident Advisory Committee

The Resident Advisory Committee was established in August 2012 to provide a forum for residenet engagement in policy and management decisions within the affiliated teaching hsopitals.  Working collaboratively with hospital administration, the committee reports to the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee (PGMEC) and current membership includes:

  • Residents from Kingston General Hospital's Joint Program Committees
  • Residents from Hotel Dieu Hospital's Ambulatory Care Committee
  • Residents from the Department of Family Medicine
  • A Subspecialty Medicine resident
  • The Core Internal Medicine Program Director
  • The Directors of Medical Affairs from Kingston General and Hotel Dieu Hospitals
  • The Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education
Some achievements of the committee for 2013-2014 were:


New scrubs arrived at KGH and will debut at HDH shortly.  Much positive feedback has already been received.

Phlebotomy Team

The new phlebotomy team is now up and running on Kidd 4 and Kidd 7 as part of their first phase of implementation. There are two phlebotomists performing morning draws starting at 5am. After they complete the morning rounds on Kidd 4, they move to Kidd 7 to continue with morning rounds. At this point, their primary focus is on blood work but it is hoped that in the future, they will also perform ECGs.

Quinte Imaging

Please note that all residents should be able to access imaging in the Quinte system, but that in order to do so, you must call the Help Desk to get set up. In the event that Help Desk are unable to assist you, please call Doug Parfett in Diagnostic Imaging.

Replacing Broken Pagers

It was confirmed that the KGH switchboard is responsible for covering the cost of replacement pagers, unless there was intentional damage by the resident. Residents are now directed to contact the KGH Director of Medical Affairs with any problems.

Urgent Care Centre Changes

Due to the comparatively high acuity of patients seen at the HDH Urgent Care Centre, the committee reminded residents to encourage their patients to present to KGH if they have a severe health problem and that HDH should be reserved for more minor issues.

Workspace in the KGH ER

Concerns were raised regarding work space in the ER.  Additional chairs were placed in Section A and more have been ordered.  The shortage of desk space in the ER, particularly in Section A, was noted and the Committee has asked the Project Planning Office to work with some of our space planners to find a way to better accommodate resident working needs.

Health Information Systems

As KGH is moving towards an EMR, the committee wishes to ensure that resident concerns are addressed during the process.  It has asked for resident volunteers to act as advisors for the project.