Educational Activities

The Postgraduate Medical Education Office coordinates and promotes a wide range of educational activities for its residents each year.  Programming for 2013-2014 included the following:

Residents as Teachers

The Residents as Teachers program assists residents to enhance their teaching skills as medical eductors.  Participating residents attended a series of sessions delivered over the course of three half-day workshops. 

Session Topic Presenter
Teaching Clinical Skills Dr. Linda O'Connor
One Minute Preceptor Dr. Richard van Wylick
Small and Large Group Teaching Dr. Greg Davies
Giving Critical Feedback Dr. Chris Smith
Assessing Clerks and Junior Residents Dr. Laura McEwen & Eleni Katsoulas
Barriers to Effective Feedback and Conflict Resolution Cathy MacGillivary
Teaching in the Clinical Simulation Centre Dr. Bob McGraw

By the end of the program, residents were able to:

  • describe important concepts in education and apply them to their own teaching practices
  • increase their repertoire of teaching strategies and skills
  • appreciate the importance of creating a healthy learning environment, and understnd what elements were essential to that development
  • reflect on their practice as teachers

Chief and Senior Resident Workshop

Each year, certain residents are selected for leadership roles within their respective programs.  These residents (called Chief Residents in larger programs and Senior Residents in smaller programs) act as the liaison between the resident body and their programs.  In these paid positions, they provide additional administrative support and communication, as well as have increased clinical responsibility.  This important role provides residents with a rich opportunity for personal and professional growth, and the annual workshop introduces valuable management and leadership skills.

Session Topic Presenter
10 Things I Learned as a Chief/Senior Resident Dr. Lili Zhang (Family Medicine)
Dr. Ayca Toprak (General Surgery)
Leadership and Being a Chief Medical Resident Dr. Chris Smith
Residnet Well-Being:  In Training and Beyond Dr. Melissa Andrew
Hospital Roles and Responsibilities Chris Gillies
Managing Conflict Dr. John Drover
The PARO Contract Dr. Christina Nowik

QCARE:  The Queen's Conference on Academic Residency Education

The annual QCARE conference was held on May 12-13, 2014, in the Biosciences Complex at Queen's University.  The conference delivers core academic content to all PGY1 residents through a combination of plenary speakers and small group, interactive seminars.  Keynote speakers vary each year depending on current topics of interest in medical education.

Session Topic Presenter
Social Media and its Impact on Residency Education Dr. Alireza Jalali
Dr. Anne Ellis
Dr. Michael Leveridge
Human Performance Under Stress Tim Ralph
Compassion Fatigue in Physicians Francoise Matthieu
Introduction to Teaching and Feedback Dr. Chris Smith
Dr. Mikayla Brenneis
The Three Essential Rules for Great Presentations Dr. Michael Sylvester
The Hidden Curriculum Dr. Mala Joneja
Assessing Clinical Clerks Eleni Katsoulas
Dr. Pearl Behl
Patient Safety:  How Could You Contribute? Dr. Roy Ilan
Dealing with All Things Financial During Residency Greg Alexander
Marc Ranger

QCARE+:  The Queen's Conference on Academic Residency Education for Senior Residents

Each November, the QCARE+ conference is held for senior residents.  It is a one-day event focusing on the transition to practice after residency, and the PGME Office collaborates with organizations like the Canadian Medical Association, HealthForceOntario, MD Physician Services, the Canadian Medical Protective Association, and the Canadian Association of Internes and Residents.

Session Topic Presenter

Canadian Medical Association
  • Locum evaluation checklist
  • Essential personal and professional legal issues for physicians
  • Online resources to assist your transition to practice
Dr. Tom Faloon

MD Physician Services
  • Incorporation Planning
Greg Alexander

MD Physician Services
  • Financial and insurance planning
James Pitruniak
Sarah Thomas

HealthForceOntario Marketing and Recruitment Agency
  • Physician remuneration options
  • Compensation
  • Specialist practice opportunities in Ontario
Chris Farley Ratcliffe

Canadian Association of Internes and Residents (CAIR)
  • Specialist practice opportunities across Canada
  • Principles of negotiation
Bryan McLean

Collins Blay LLP Chartered Accountants
  • Accounting and taxation
Jeff Hanley
Jason Skilnick

Canadian Medical Protective Association
Dr. Janet Nuth

Introduction to Research

The annual Introduction to Research workshop, presented by Phil Hahn and Dr. Robert Reid, provides residents with an overview of basic level research training as required by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  Residents are introduced to study design, basic biostatistics, critical appraisal, the publication process, and effective presentation skills.  The workshop is strongly recommended for all PGY1 specialty residents, and optional for PGY1 Family Medicine residents.