Postgraduate Award Recipients

The Postgraduate Medical Education Office directly administers, or assists in the administration of, a variety of postgraduate awards and bursaries.  The recipients of these awards are listed below.  Additional awards distributed annually by individual postgraduate programs or Departments are not included in this list.

Award Recipient
Dr. Katherine M. Detre Award Dr. Gurleen Bhatia (Neurology)
PAIRO Resident Teaching Award Dr. Zardasht Oqab (Internal Medicine)
Resident Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Dr. Brigid Nee (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
Dr. Sanjay Sharma Clinical Resident Award Dr. Davin Johnson (Ophthalmology)
Dr. Jennifer Tang (Emergency Medicine)
William E. O'Hara Postgraduate Bursary Dr. Kwesi Agyem (Diagnostic Radiology)
Dr. Rowena Almeida (Internal Medicine)
Dr. Robin Grant (Family Medicine - Kingston)
Dr. Brendan Litt (Diagnostic Radiology)
Dr. Michael Mason (Family Medicine - Kingston)
Dr. Jessica Maxwell (General Surgery)
Dr. Tara McGregor (Family Medicine - Kingston)
Dr. Francis Patafio (Internal Medicine)
Dr. Rosemary Regan (Diagnostic Radiology)
Dr. Navroop Sandhu (Anesthesiology)
Dr. Jeshiah Thiessen (General Surgery)
Physicians' Services Incorporated (PSI) Research Awards Dr. Davin Johnson
Dr. Adam Szulewski
Dr. Francis Panosyan
Dr. Erin Brennan