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Standardized Patient & OSCE Program

Standardized Patient & OSCE Program

About the Program:

Queens University has run a successful Standardized Patient Program for nearly 25 years and it consists of a team of over 100 people. Our role as Standardized Patients is to provide students the opportunity to practice their communication and clinical skills before they interact with real patients. Participating in simulated learning aids in the development of compassionate, skilled professionals.
As a program, we combine the use of simulation for teaching and examination purposes. The program is currently used by a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs including but not limited to medicine, nursing and rehabilitation therapy.

The program is constantly expanding to meet the challenges, needs and expectations of a dynamic and increasingly innovative health care system.


If you would like to join our fun and innovative team or would like more information on the Standardized Patient Program, please contact us.

If you are interested in booking a Standardized Patient please complete and return the attached form; Standardized Patient Booking Form.

Kate Slagle
Undergraduate Medical Education
Tel: 613-533-6000 x 32647