School of Medicine

Photography & Digital Print Services

Welcome to Medphoto.

Providing photography and digital printing services to the Faculty of Health Sciences and also available to any Queen's department, faculty, staff or student.

Centrally located in Etherington Hall on Stuart St.
Room G011 - call 613 533 2177

We use the latest technology in large format printing to produce high quality conference posters, photographic images, signage and banners.  We also offer an extensive choice of finishing including laminating and mounting.

Our photographic services include group photos, portraits, scanning / digitizing as well as photo-restoration.

Whether you are looking to print a conference poster, a banner or sign for your department or simply need a colour photocopy, we can help. 
If we can't do it in-house we will be happy to either send it out for you or direct you to the appropriate service provider.

We also support regional education and videoconferencing forthe school of medicine.