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What we are doing...

Dr.Lola Cuddy (neuropsychologist) and Dr. Jacalyn Duffin (physician and historian) are working with Dr. Sudeep Gill and a team of students and graduates to explore whether or not music memory is preferentially spared in people with memory problems.

Our 2005 paper

"Music, Memory, and Alzheimer'sDisease: Is Music Recognition Spared in Dementia, and How CanIt be Assessed?" Medical Hypotheses 64: 229-225

won the David Horrobin prize in 2006.

With funding for the Grammy Foundation, we are developing new tests of musical memory. These tests are being standardized with normal people over age 64 as controls and they are being used to assess musical memory in people with memory problems of any age.

We think that this research will help us understand more about memory in general and how the brain works in health and in dementia. It also will help to explain the positive effects of music therapy.

We are looking for participants. You can help.

No special musical skills are required. You do not need to be able to read music.

The tests are pleasant. They entail listening to short melodies and lyrics. Some tunes will be familiar; some will not. Time is not an issue. Testing takes about one hour and can be conducted in our lab at Queen's University, or in homes, or in various long-term care facilities. We can help with cab fare and parking passes. If it is better for you, we can spread the tests out over time, or they can be done in one visit.

This research has approval from Queen's University Research Ethics Board.

To volunteer, or find out more about our work, please e-mail or phone Cassandra Brown at the Acoustical Lab 613-533-2490--just leave a message on the voice mail and someone will return your call.

Or send us an email, 4clb2@queensu.ca

Thanks for your interest and your help.