Museum of Health Care

Kingston, Ontario

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  • The Musuem of Health Care

    From 19th century surgical instruments and miracle cures of the 1900s to materials used in modern joint replacements, the Museum of Health Care presents a unique and interactive view of the history of health care. The museum is located in the Ann Baillie Building, a former nurses' residence, built in 1904 to attract the "right kind of lady to nursing." Home to over 27,000 artefacts, the Museum of Health Care is the foremost museum in Canada dedicated to the preservation and promotion of health care history. In addition to the onsite displays, the Museum sponsors exhibits throughout the Kingston health care community, including Bracken Library and the Kingston General Hospital Hall of Honour.

    May through Labour Day, or by special request, learn how community response to 19th century health care challenges is reflected in the astonishing history of KGH. These 60 minute walking tours, developed jointly by KGH and the Museum of Health Care, feature stories of plagues, politicians, prisoners of war... and health care, too! Group rates are available.

    The Museum of Health Care is open to visitors year round; admission is by donation.

    Summer Hours: Tues. through Sun., 10 am - 4 pm
    Winter Hours: Tues. through Fri., 10 am - 4 pm

    For more information, please phone: 613-548-2419 or email: