[Hannah Chair, History of Medicine, Queen's University]

J.D. photo by Wieke Eefting, Utrecht, NL, September 2011

Curriculum Vitae:
Updated April 2017

Name: Jacalyn Mary Duffin

Since September 1988, Hannah Professor, Queen's University
Cross-appointments in Departments of Medicine, Philosophy, and History, Nursing, and Faculty of Education

former President of the American Association for the History of Medicine, 2004-2006

former President of Canadian Society for the History of Medicine, 1999-2001

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (Humanities), 2012

Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, 2013

former Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies and Education, 1993-1995

Degrees and Fellowships:

1985 Doctorat du 3e c. Paris-I-Sorbonne, History and Philosophy of Science (PhD)

1985 Diplôme de l'Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, IV Section, Paris

1983 D.E.A.Paris-I-Sorbonne, France

1979 F.R.C.P.(C) Internal medicine

1979 F.R.C.P.(C) Hematology

1979 C.S.P.Q. Hématologie

1974 M.D. University of Toronto



Stanley's Dream; the Medical Expedition to Easter Island, 1964-65, forthcoming on contract.

Medical Saints: Cosmas and Damian in a Postmodern World, Oxford University Press, 2013.

HIstory of Medicine: A Scandalously Short Introduction, 2nd revised and expanded ed., U Toronto Press, 2010

Medical Miracles: Doctors,Saints and Healing in the Modern World, Oxford University Press, 2009

as editor with Arthur Sweetman, SARS in Context: Memory, History, Policy McGill Queen's University Press and the Queen's School of Policy Studies, 2006

as editor and contributor,Clio in the Clinic; History in Medical Practice, Oxford University Press and the University of Toronto Press, 2005

Lovers and Livers: Disease Concepts in History. The Joanne Goodman Lectures, 2002, University of Toronto Press, 2005

History of Medicine: a Scandalously Short Introduction, 1st edition, University of Toronto Press, 1999; Macmillan, 2000; reprinted 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009: Korean translation, 2006

To See with a Better Eye: A Life of R.T.H. Laennec, Princeton University Press, 1998.

Langstaff: A Nineteenth-Century Medical Life, University of Toronto Press, 1993; London: Macmillan; reprinted 1999.

Translation with Russell C. Maulitz, of Mirko D. Grmek,History of AIDS: Emergence and Origin of a Modern Pandemic, Princeton University Press, 1990

Articles in peer-reviewed journals, books or encyclopedias:

In progress, “The Plague Wall: Eighteenth-Century Medical Surveillance’

In progress, with J. Pater “Mrs Robinson’s revenge: the medicare protest song”

In progress with Brian White-Guay, Measuring Canada’s drug shortage.

In progress with Aisha Ghare, Jay Engel and R. Walker, “How surgeons change"

In progress, "Why a Psychiatry Department at Queen's in 1957?"

forthcoming, "Commemorating Excellence: the Nobel Prize and the Historical Sociology of Science," keynote address, Düsseldorf Germany, for conference volume.

forthcoming, Mirko Grmek, mon maître, in conference volume, ed. Pierre-Olivier Méthot (Paris: Editions Matériologiques)

2016  “A Sweet Tradition: the Oath of Hippocrates on Lake Ontario” in Allan Peterkin and Pamela Brett-Maclean, Keeping Reflection Fres: A Practical Guide for Clinical Educators (Kent Ohio: Kent State University Press), pp. 225-228.
2016 with Adam Mosa,  The interwoven history of mercury poisoning in Ontario and Japan, CMAJ epubl ahead of print; print 10 December

2016  Peter Beighton on Rapa Nui (Easter Island), 1964-65, South African Medical Journal. May 23;106(6):10984. doi: 10.7196/SAMJ.2016.v106i6.10984.

2016 “Hospitals of Rome in the Early 19thC: the Apostolic Visit of 1825” Can. Bull Med Hist 33.2: 517-33.

2016 with Gina Eom  and Paul Grootendorst .The case for an essential medicines list for Canada. CMAJ Jun 13 epubl ahead of print; print 10 December.

2015 with D. Jones, J. Greene, and J. H. Warner “The Clio Project: History in Medical Education.” J History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 70.2: 165-94.

2014 with Victor Tang, "Catatonia in the History of Psychiatry: Construction and Deconstruction of a Disease Concept," Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 57.4: 524-37..

2014 final author with D. J. Mulder, A.J. Nobel, C.J. Justinich, "A tale of two diseases: the history of inflammatory bowel disease, J of Crohns and Colitis 8.5 (december): 341-48.

2014 "The Queen's Jews: Race, Religion, and Change in 20thC Kingston," Canadian J. History 49 (Winter): 369-94.

2014 "Palliative Care: the Oldest Profession?" Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 31.2: 205-228.

2014 “The Samuel X Radbill lecture: Library Adverntures in the Digital Age: Observations and Questions,” RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts and Cultural Surveillance.

2014 with Jessica Duffin Wolfe, “The annotated Vesalius” CMAJ 186.11 (5 Aug): 856-7.

2013, "Commentary: Religion and Medicine," J History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, advanced access 5 October; print (2014) 69 (1): 162-165.

2013, 'Les avancées médicales au XXe siècle et le prix Nobel,.' eds. B. Fantini and L. Lambrichs, Histoire de la Pensee Medicale, Paris: Seuil, 111-138.

2013 "Parallels between Medicine and Religion through the Canonization Miracles, 1800-2000," ed. Maria Pia Donato, Medicine e Religione: Collaborazione, Competizione, Conflitto, Ecole Française de Rome, 339-358.

2013 "McWhinney's gift: academic family medicine," CMAJ 185.4: 360.

2012 "Infiltrating the Curriculum; Triumphs and Disasters in Bringing History to Future Doctors,' In J. Kevin Dorsey and P. K. Rangachari, eds. Students Matter: The Rewards of University Teaching. Springfield, Ill. Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, p. 74-92. Japanese translation 2014.

2012 2nd author with Lola L. Cuddy, Sudeep Gill, Cassandra L. Brown, Bitu Sikka, and Ashley Vanstone, "Memory for tunes and lyrics in Dementia of the Alzheimer type," Music Perception 29,5: 479-91.

2012 “The Feminization of Canadian Medicine: Voices from the Second Wave”  Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 29.1: 83-100.

2012, 'Medical Rhetoric in the Twenty-First Century: When Doctors Change their Minds,' ed. Joel Coste, Deanielle Jacquart, Jackie Pigeaud, 2008 conference volume, Geneva: Droz, Hautes Etudes Medievales et Modernes, p. 251-282.

2011 “Miracles and Wonders: Finding Canadian Medical History in the Vatican Archives”  Historical Studies 77:41-58.

2011 ‘Lament for the Humanities in Continuing Medical Education.’ CMAJ 183 (Sep 6): 1452

2011 'The Impact of Single-Payer Health Care; Physician Income in Canada, 1850-2005,' American Journal of Public Health,  101. 7:1198-1208.

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2011, 'Questioning Medicine in Seventeenth-Century Rome; The Consultations of Paolo Zacchia,' Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 28.1: 149-170.

2009, 3rd author with Vanstone, A. D., Cuddy, L. L., & Alexander, E. Exceptional preservation of  memory for tunes and lyrics: Case studies of amusia, profound, deafness, and Alzheimer disease. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1169: 291-4

2009 'Salerno, Saints, and Sutton's Law: On the Origin of Europe's 'First’ Medical School,' Medical Hypotheses 73: 265-67.

2009    with Ashley D. Vanstone (first author), Lola L. Cuddy, & Elizabeth Alexander “Memory for tunes and lyrics: Case studies of amusia, profound deafness, and Alzheimer disease.” Rothman conference (poster).

2008 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), in Encyclopedia of Pestilence, Pandemics Plagues, ed. Joseph P. Byrne, Greenwood Press, p. 629-31

2007 AAHM Presidential Address: the Doctor was Surprised, of How to Diagnose a Medical Miracle, Bulletin of the History of Medicine 81 (4): 699-729.

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2015      Queen's University Prize for Research Excellence.

2014       Ida and Cecil Green Visiting Professor, Green College, UBC, Jan 26 to 31

2013       Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

2012       Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

2007      Distinguished International Scholar, University of Pennsylvania, April 8-20

2007      Alpha Omega Alpha Visiting Professor, University of Chicago, February 27

in Teaching

2015 "Dr Jacalyn Duffin Award" for advocacy, Created by Queen's U MD graduates, 2015. Iinaugural winner Marie Leung; 2nd winner Graydon Simmons, Meds 2016),

2015 Annual Lectureship Award, first year medicine, Class of 2018.

2010 The Inaugural Howard S. Barrows Teaching Award, McMaster University

2009 W.F. Connell Award for Teaching Excellence, Queen's University, Faculty of Health Sciences (elected by graduating class)

2006 Annual Lectureship Award, First Year Medicine, Class of 2009 (shared with Dr C. Reifel, Anatomy)

2006   TVO Best Lecturer Competition; top ten finalist

2005-7, 1997-98, 1996-97, 1995-96, 1994-95, 1991-92, 1990-91, Honorary President Queen's Aesculapian Society

2001 W.F. Connell Award for Teaching Excellence, Queen's University, Faculty of Health Sciences (elected by graduating class)

2001 Honorary President for Life of Queen's Medical Class of 2001.

1999 W.F. Connell Award for Teaching Excellence, Queen's University, Faculty of Health Sciences (elected by graduating class)

1999-2000, 1998-1999, Honorary Treasurer, Queen's Aesculapian Society

1995 Honorary President for Life of Queen's Medical Class 1995.

1992 W.F. Connell Award for Teaching Excellence, Queen's University, Faculty of Medicine (elected by graduating class)

In Research and Writing

2009 Jason A. Hannah Medal presented by Royal Society of Canada for book, Medical Miracles

2005 David Horrobin Prize for "Music, Memory and Alzheimers Disease" best article in Medical Hypotheses 2005

2002 J.W. Estes Award, American Association for the History of Medicine, for "Poisoning the Spindle"

2001 Jason A. Hannah Medal presented by Royal Society of Canada for book, To See with a Better Eye.

1998 National Magazine Award, Silver, Science, Health and Medicine Category, for "Medical Miracle".

1998 Canadian Nurses Association Annual National Journalism Award Magazine Category for: "Medical Miracle",

in Service

2004-6 Presidency of the American Association for the HIstory of Medicine

2001-6 Member International Advisory Group to the Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine UCL London

2002 Oswald Avery Medal for outstanding contibutions in Medical Humanities, Dalhousie University

2000 Canadian Federation of Medical Students Friend Award for outstanding student advocacy

1999-2001 Presidency of Canadian Society for the History of Medicine

in Speaking

2016 Keynote lecture (History of the Nobel Prize), U Düsseldorf, Germany, November 17

2016 Charles Edmonson Historical Lectures (on miracles and on disease concepts), Baylor University, Waco, Texas, October 24-25

2015 Keynote lecture (On medicine and religion), Finland National Hist. Soc., October 22014

2015 Keynote lecture (On history in med ed), Strathclyde, Glasgow Scotland, October 15

2015, Keynote Can. Catholic History Association and Can Hist Assoc, 3 June

2015 Keynote, Importance of Public Health History, U Toronto, 7 March

2014 Keynote, 200th anniversary of Medical School, Oslo Norway, August 21

2013 Heberden Society Lecture, Cornell Medical Centre, New York City, 10 December

2013 Samuel X Radbill Lecture,College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 6 December

2012 Rosen Lecture, Queen's University 23 October

2012 Keynote, ICRE Conference, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Canada, Ottawa, 20 October

2012 Keynote, Annual Geography teachers Conference of Ontario,Kingston, 19 October

2012 Keynote, I8th Annual Advanced Learning in Palliative Care Conference, Kington, 8 June

2012 Keynote, I8th Annual Advanced Learning in Palliative Care Conference, Kington, 8 June

2012 Invited Lecture Columbia University 24 April

2012 Invited Lecture New York Academy of Medicine, NYC, 25 April

2010 Keynote, Canadian Health Science Librarians Assocation, 9 June

2010 Keynote, History and Philosophy of Life Sciences, Conference, 25 April

2010 Lattimer Lecture, New York Academy of Medicine, 12 April

2008 Hideyo Noguchi Lecture, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 21 February

2006 Convocation Speaker, at graduation of University of Toronto Medical Class of 2006, 7 June

2005 James Starr Simpson Memorial Lecture, St Joseph's Health Centre, Toronto, 4 Nov.

2005 Allen B. Weisse Lecture, U Medicine and Denistry of New Jersey, Newark NJ, 27 September

2004 4th A. M. (Buzz) Edwards Lectureship in Clinical Education, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 21 Oct

2004 The Royal College Lecture, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Ottawa, 1 Oct.

2004 Sam Dunn Lecture, University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Galveston, Texas, 21 Sept

2004 Hippocratic Oath speaker, at graduation ceremony of McMaster University Medical Class of 2004, 14 May

2002 "Lovers and Livers," The Joanne Goodman Lectures, University of Westsern Ontario, 8-10 Oct

2002 The T.J. Murray Visiting Scholar, Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S.

2001 R.K. Lattimer Lecture, New York Academy of Medicine, Jan 19.

2000 Medical Classics Lecture, University of California at Los Angeles.

1999 George Rosen Memorial Lecture, Yale University, March 12.

1999 Leslie Nicholas Lecture, College of Physicians of Philadelphia, March 9.

1998 Convocation Address, Queen's U, Faculties of Health Science and Law, May 22.

1996 Davis Lecture, University of Illinois at Chicago, November 20.

1995 2nd Heberden Society Lecture, the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, January 18.

1995 John Farquhar Fulton Lecture in Medical History, Yale School of Medicine, January 19

1995 Nathan Smith Club, Fulton Fellowship, Yale School of Medicine, January 20

1994 Culpeper Lecture, University of Minnesota and lecture to Minnesota History of Medicine Society, November 21.

1994 C. K. Huang Lecture, State University of New York at Buffalo, October 29.

1993 Kate Hurd-Mead Lecture, Medical College of Pennsylvania, April

1990 William Snow Miller Lecture, University of Wisconsin, Madison