[Hannah Chair, History of Medicine, Queen's University]

The Annual Hannah Happening was founded in January 1989 to provide the medical community, especially medical students, the opportunity to hear a first-hand account of significant achievements in the history of medicine. Usually held in January or February of each academic year, distinguished speakers deliver a forty minute address, receive questions, and are feted at a University Club reception following.

The lectures have been videotaped and are deposited in the Queen's University Archives and at the Hannah Institute Library where they can be consulted by scholars.

The Hannah Happenings include:

February 14, 1989
Dr. H. Botterell and Dr. A. Jousse
"Treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries in Ontario"

January 31, 1990
The Honorable Emmett Hall, Dr. Leslie Falk, C.David Naylor
"Private Practice, Public Payment: Reflections on the Origins of Canada's Health Care System"

February 5, 1991
Dr. W.G. Bigelow
"Cold Hearts and Vital Lessons"

February 4, 1992
Dr. Barbara Bates
"Lessons from Writing a Textbook"

February 2, 1993
Susan Nelles Pine
"Objectivity and Justice: Back to Basics"

January 18, 1994
Dr. Murray Enkin
"From Cradle to Credo: Confessions of an Iconoclast

January 24, 1995
Dr. Alex Bryans
"Child Health and Global Health"

January 30, 1996
Major-General Wendy A. Clay, Surgeon General
"Challenges of Military Medicine"

January 28, 1997
Dr. Robert Salter
"Orthopaedics: From Biological Research to Clinical Applications"

February 3, 1998
Dr. Mary Ellen Avery
"Adventures with Pulmonary Surfactants"

February 23, 1999
Dr. Heinz Lehmann (delivered by his son Dr. François Lehmann)
"When Biology Entered Psychiatry"

January 25, 2000
Dr. Henry Friesen
"Human Prolactin: A Very Personal Account"

February 27, 2001
Justice Horace Krever
"Law and Medicine: An Adversarial Relationship?"

January 16, 2002
Michael Bliss
"Truth, Knowledge and Progress: A Historian's Perspective"

February 4, 2003
Dr. Murray McQuigge
"Walkerton. Before, During, and After"

February 10, 2004
Dr. James Young
"Medicine and The Rest of the World"

Dr. Robert Maudsley
Queen's to Karachi and Back: Confessions of a Catalyst"

7 March 2006
Dr. Nancy Olivieri
"Medicine, Morals, Misconduct, and Money:
A Saga of Research in the Corporate Era
photos with Dr Nancy Olivieri

8 February 2007
Dr. T. Jock Murray
"A Medical Life in Ten Stories"

29 January 2008
Dr. Tak W. Mak
"Ten Pearls to Early Success as an Academic Scientist"