[Hannah Chair, History of Medicine, Queen's University]

Opportunities for elective study in the history of medicine at Queen's include the following:

1. Phase IID Critical Enquiry Elective
An eight-week research experience offered to all students at the end of the second year of medical studies.

2. "Images of Doctors, Lawyers and Nurses in Literature" (Law 570)
A group of approximately twenty medical students, law students, and nursing students meet one night a week for a semester to read and discuss short stories, poems, plays, and novels about the practice of law, nursing, and medicine. Opportunities for oral history and creative writing are also incorporated.
Offered winter 2008. Contact yalinc@queensu.ca if you are interested.

Medical Movie Madness
A history of medicine/history of film opportunity in which students view and critique films about the practice of medicine. Sessions usually run weekly for a month to six weeks once a semester and are organized around themes, e.g. "Heroes and Villains", "Madness in the Movies", "Medical Students", "Hollywood and AIDS".

4. Clinical Clerkship Elective
Students have occasionally opted for a four to six week elective in medical history at the beginning of their fourth year clinical clerkship.

5. History of Medicine Field Trips (click here for more info)
(students on the road in search of the medical past)

6. History of Medicine - PBL (Problem Based Learning)

Designed at the behest of the dynamic class of Meds 1998, and offered only on request, a stand-alone elective. Students select the topics of period, place, theme and then do the research to report back weekly on their findings. Moderated by Duffin.

7. Hannah Summer Studentships
Students may enter a national competition for funding to complete a summer studentship under supervision. For more information go to Canadian Society for the History of Medicine--studentships.