One-Week Course on Canada's Health Care System


1 to 7 June, 2011, Queen's University Kingston Ontario

Aimed at non-Canadians with senior undergrad or higher qualifications who are interested in health-care provision, including history, policy, economics, hospital care, primary care and special health concerns, such as mental health, women's health, elder care, aboriginal health, and public health. The course devotes special attention to demystification, challenging stereotypes, and responding to familiar questions such as these:

Did the system really start with an election?

What about wait times? freedoms? chronic care? hospital facilities? socialism?

Is it true that no one is left out?

Do Canadians die of waiting? or from high taxes? and are their doctors starving and overworked?

Do Canadians actually live longer?

Why do Canadians love their health care system?

Offered as a combination of lectures by expert instructors complimented by tours of various facilities in the region of Kingston, Ontario, where a multifaceted academic health sciences centre has resided for more than 150 years.

Kingston is situated on Lake Ontario near the beautiful Thousand Islands district of the St Lawrence River. An historic town of approximately 110,000 people, it boasts many heritage buildings, museums, fine restaurants, and pubs. Once the capital of the country, it is the site of Fort Henry, The Royal Military College, a military base, and many offices of both the federal and provincial governments. It hosts the headquarters of Ontario Health Insurance Plan and the National Cancer Institute of Canada.

Accommodations available on campus for students in the course.

Capacity 20.

Annual course originally developed for Union College, Schenectady NY by the Hannah Chair of the History of Medicine and Dr. Susan Phillips of the Dept of Family Medicine, both at Queen's University. Delivered in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Seventh session of our course is booked for 1 to 7 June 2011.

Course learning objectives

Course outline for 2011, including tours.

Biosketches of instructors past and present

For more information, contact Dr. Susan Phillips or

Hannah Chair for the History of Medicine at Queen's University