Overall objective

to understand the origins, economics, politics, and challenges of Canada's Health Care System




History of Canada's Healthcare System: The Beginnings ­ Dr. J. Duffin


Students will understand the historical development of the following:



Family Medicine and Sexual Health ­ Dr. Susan Phillips


By the end of this session students will:





Health and Public Policy in Canada ­ Prof. John Dorland


Students will understand:

·     The political/economic foundation of the Canadian health system

·     economic aspects of decision making with no markets (superficial look at cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, QALYs and more);

·     current issues and directions


Costs and Consequences ­ Prof. John Dorland

 Students will understand

·     costs of the Canadian system, in comparison to other national systems;

·     distributional effects of the Canadian system, with respect to economic burden and benefits.


The Community Health Centre Model of Primary Care Delivery in Canada ­ Laurie French



This session will provide students with a brief overview of the Community Health Care sector to understand:

αΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚ the structure of Community Care Access Centres in the context of Ontario, and contrasted with other provincial models
αΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚ the system partnerships and organizations that exist to support clients who may receive in-home professional and personal supports to live independently; Information and Referral services; access to Long-term Care Home placement and waitlist management; and School Health Support Services
αΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚ how community care plays a critical role along the health care system continuum of services.



Bioethics in Canada ­ Prof. Cheryl Cline


By the end of the session the student will


Palliative Care in Canada - Prof Josh Shadd

During this session we willΙ




Mental Health Issues in Canada -- Dr. Leslie Flynn et al 

This session will provide an overview of intellectual disability within the mental health system in Canada. At the close of the session, participants will be able to explain:





Aboriginal Health ­ Dr. Michael Green



Population Health ­ Dr. Ian Gemmill

By the end of this session, students will have a greater understanding of:




Wrap up