[Hannah Chair, History of Medicine, Queen's University]

History 482/882

Historiography of medicine. Graduate Seminar. An examination of historiographic aspects of medical history, including its history and philosophy, old and new subjects, old and new methods, and old and new text styles. Students may orient their readings to focus either on specific periods and place or on broad trends in history.

Educational Objectives:

  • To understand history (of medicine) as an object of study in itself, with a history, philosophy, sociology, and objectives,
  • To recognize and understand the reasons for major trends in recent scholarship, with optional emphasis on Canada.
  • To enhance ability to read, understand and evaluate (medical) historical scholarship and writing.
  • To enhance ability to recognize the merits and defects of (medical) historical scholarship.
  • To improve skills at (medical) historical scholarship and writing.


Course Bibliography

Class readings 2011