[Hannah Chair, History of Medicine, Queen's Unniversity]

A discussion of concepts of disease through time, from the Book of Job to this year's The Globe & Mail. Students read texts written by philosophers and physicians to discover the theoretical underpinnings of the construction of medical knowledge.

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Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the concept of a theory.
  • To understand the philosophical underpinnings of medical knowledge.
  • To understand how the business of medical epistemology is the construction of disease.
  • To understand how diseases are/have been constructed socially, empirically, and theoretically.
  • To understand and be able to use the theories of disease as analytical tools.
  • To understand how and why changes occur in dominant theories of disease.
  • To understand the historical context of health care in the late twentieth century.
  • To become familiar with some works of major writers in philosophy and medicine.