Important information about Accessing Your Booked Space

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  1. Access to your booked spaces will only be made available from the start time indicated on your booking.  
    The School of Medicine building is equipment with electronic locking systems on most doors and stairwells preventing unauthorized access to spaces.   The doors and stairwells will be programmed based on the information provided in your booking.  In order to ensure you have access to the space, you must include set up and break down time in each booking request.  

  2. The building's common areas are publically accessible from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm throughout the year.  
    While we can reserve the space for your use, students and the public may still wander through.  The School of Medicine is not responsible for any loss resulting from theft or disruption. 

  3. Medical Students have been given unlimited access to the common areas and group study rooms.  
    If you find a student using a space you have reserved, please kindly ask them to find another study area.

  4. The Kitchenette on the main floor is for the excluse use of the Medical Students.  
    Access to this area is unusual and must be prearranged with the booking agent.