Dr. Stephen Vanner,
GIDRU Director

Department of Medicine
Cross appointments: Depts of Physiology and Biology

Tel: 613 544-3310 ext. 2332
Fax: 613 544-3114

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Vanner Lab

The main focus of my laboratory is to understand peripheral pain mechanisms in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The ultimate goal is to identify new targets for the development of novel agents to treat pain. We combine patch clamp electrophysiological and molecular techniques in IBS (Citrobacter rodentium mouse model of self-limiting colitis as a model of post-infectious IBS) and mouse TNBS colitis models of IBD. Supernatants from colonic biopsies from humans suffering with IBS and IBD are also studied to enhance the human relevance of this work. These studies are complemented with whole animal studies of colonic sensory afferent recordings and visceromotor reflexes to clarify the relevance of findings at the single cell level.

Another focus of my laboratory is the study of the enteric nervous system. These studies examine the submucosal plexus and the role of enteric vasodilator reflexes in regulating mucosal blood flow.

A longstanding interest of my clinical research program has been the investigation of optimal colon cleansing regimens for colonoscopy. We have several patents or patents pending, and are widely recognized for our advances in this field.