Dr. John MacLeod Ph.D. (McGill)
Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences.
Canada Research Chair in Gastrointestinal Cell Physiology
Office Tel: 613 549-6666 ext. 6552
Lab Tel: x6548 or x6546 rjm5@queensu.ca

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MacLeod Lab

My research is focused on two major areas of gastrointestinal physiology. The first is the signaling of volume regulation following the swelling of villus cells caused by Na+-solute transport. This is an important, fundamental, unresolved issue in GI physiology. My aim is to identify the molecular components of volume sensing in jejunal villus cells. The second area of my research focus is to clarify the function(s) of the extracellular Ca2+-sensing receptor (CaR) found in the small intestine, colon and sub-epithelial myofibroblast in epithelial differentiation as well as in colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. My aim in these latter studies is to use transcriptional profiling and transgenic mice to characterize how the CaR (a) inhibits epithelial proliferation and (b) promotes wound healing/differentiation by mediating the secretion of growth factors from the mesenchyme.