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Teaching FAQ

10 FAQs About Teaching in Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME)

What you need to know

Who can help

1. When am I teaching?

Zdenka Ko: Year 1:

Rebecca Jozsa: Year 2 (and 2.5)

Jane Gordon: Clerkship:

Jennifer Saunders: Clinical Skills:

2. Where am I teaching?

Room photos:
Map of Queen’s

3. What am I teaching? And where in the curriculum am I teaching?

Course Director: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Directory for your Course Director

MEdTech (Meds Learning Management System with the Curriculum Map): To get your login/password, contact Zdenka, Rebecca, or Jane.

4. For what purpose and to what level am I teaching?


UGME Competency Framework (document)

Course Director or Sheila Pinchin, Educational Developer,

Create sessional learning objectives: Sheila.

5. How am I teaching?

Teaching is “Relevant, Integrated and (Inter)Active”

Relevant: Real-world, case-based, examples

Integrated: linked within and outside of your course, linked to competencies, clinical presentations

Active: Small Group Learning (SGL), Interactive lectures, Independent Study, Labs, Patient Contact…


6. How can I find resources to support teaching? Consult Bracken Health Sciences Librarians

Images, videos, online modules: Sarah Wickett:

Course readings, subject guides: Sandra Halliday:

7. How can I build e-modules, record with PowerPoint, (Articulate Presenter)?

MEdTech: Lynel Jackson @

e-Teaching Collaborative (etc): Lynel, Sarah, Sheila


8. How can I let students know what to read before or bring to class?

Post to your MEdTech session with help from Zdenka, Rebecca or Jane

9. How can I determine and give feedback about student progress?

Assessment Oversight: Course Director

Contribute to Mid-term or Final Exam: Course Director

Develop an online quiz (non-graded): Zdenka, Rebecca, Jane

Develop and grade an assignment: Individual or group,

Develop a Readiness Assessment Test (RAT)

Sheila @

10. How will I know what/how students learned? How I can improve?

Student course and faculty evaluations: Zdenka, Rebecca, Jane and Course Director

Student Representatives: TBD

Observation and Coaching/Peer Coaching: Sheila

Bonus FAQ: What curricular groups help to determine all of this?

UGME Curriculum Committee: Chair, Dr. Tony Sanfilippo

UGME Student Assessment and Evaluation Committee: Chair, Dr. Sue Chamberlain

UGME Teaching and Learning Committee: Chair, Dr. Elaine Van Melle

MEdTech Advisory Committee: Chair, Dr. L. Tomalty