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PowerPoint Help Service

What We Do:

The etc team can assist you with the use of PowerPoint for your teaching. When you submit your slides via email, with a note about what session you plan to use them in, our team will review your slides to offer feedback and assistance with the following:

  • Design of the slides, including layout, template, font, colour, etc.
  • Integration of photos, diagrams, videos and other electronic learning objects.
  • Planning of the teaching and learning opportunities through the slides, including suggestions for organization, focus, questioning, and concept-grouping.

How to Contact Us:

Email to


  • Your PowerPoint slides
  • A note about what session the slides complement
  • Specific aspects you would like comments on (optional).
  • If you plan to give this presentation as part of a videoconference.

We also offer the opportunity to meet with one or more of the team to discuss the results of our review of your slides.