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eLearning Modules

There are two main ways to create e-learning modules - you can create a Narrated PowerPoint of your lecture or you can create an interactive text-based module.

Articulate Presenter - Narrated PowerPoints

Narrated PowerPoints are created by adding audio narration to your existing PowerPoint files which are they published (with help from the MEdTech Unit) into a user-friendly web based format that students can access before coming to class.

Narrated PowerPoints are ideally suited for the presentation of foundational material usually delivered in a lecture as the lecture can be recorded once and reused multiple times. The web-based delivery means that students can access the presentation regardless of time and location, allowing them to prepare for in-class session and to review material afterwards at thier own time and pace.

Examples of Narrated PowerPoints:
Step by step instructions on how to add narration to your PowerPoint files can be found here.

Text-based Interactive Modules developed using eXe

Text-based e-learning modules are modules that the students can read through on their own and interact with through the use of video or self-assessment quizzes.   These modules can be created using a tool called eXe, which is a free authoring tool used that uses a rich-text editor and pre-defined templates to quickly and easliy develop interactive e-learning modules without any knowledge of HTML.

Text-based Interactive Modules are ideally suited for the presentation of foundational material that students are required to know in order to be able to work on more complex problems or cases. Since the modules are published online, students can review the material at their own time and pace and the use of self-assessment questions allows them to check and see that they have understood the material.

Examples of Text-based Interactive Modules developed with eXe:
For more information on how to develop and publish your module, please contact

If you would like assitance finding images and video for your module, please contact Sarah Wickett, the Health Informatics Librarian at Bracken at