Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness can include:

•    Being active safely and regularly
•    Staying hydrated with 8 cups of water a day
•    Using birth control and protecting against STIs
•    Sleeping 7-8 hours a night
•    Managing stress effectively
•    Avoiding drugs, alcohol and tobacco
•    Eating nutritious foods that help your body stay active and balanced

Physical wellness contact information:

Dr. Renee Fitzpatrick, Dr. Jason Franklin, or Dr. Martin ten Hove
Learner Wellness Centre
82-84 Barrie St, Kingston, ON    
613 533-6000 x78451

Queen’s University - Student Wellness Services
146 Stuart Street (La Salle building), Kingston ON
613 533-2506

Queen’s University – Athletics and Recreation Centre
284 Earl Street, Kingston ON
613 533-2500

Ontario Medical Association – Physician Health Program
800 851-6606 (confidential line)

Dieticians of Canada – Find a Dietician

Contact your family physician for questions relating to your health.