Academic Wellness

Academic Wellness can include:

  •     recognizing your strengths and weaknesses
  •     setting academic goals
  •     seeking help when needed
  •     completing your academic responsibilities in a healthy way including managing anxiety before exams and major       projects
  •     maintaining a school/ life balance
  •     maintaining positive study habits and time management skills
  •     exploring options and opportunities available to support your academic career

Academic wellness contact information:

For help in specific areas of study, you are encouraged to first speak directly to the presenter of that lecture or session. For more general guidance or help in a course, you are encouraged to contact the Course Director. The year director Dr. Michell Gibson (Year1), Dr. Heather Murray (Year2) are ofcourse excellent resources as well. 

Dr. Erin Beattie, Dr. Craig Goldie, and Dr. Susan MacDonald
Learner Wellness Centre
82-84 Barrie St, Kingston, ON    
613 533-6000 x78451

For a one to one sessions to improve your study strategies, you may contact:
Linda Williams
Learning Strategies Development Centre
The Learning Commons, Stauffer Library
Queen’s University
613 533-2506
Advise Linda that you are a medical student so that you are assigned an appropriate advisor.