Students with Disabilities

Disability and Admission to Medicine

While a disability should not preclude a candidate from consideration for admission, the disability must not be such as to prevent the candidate from communicating with patients and/or colleagues, making observations, gathering and analyzing data requisite to arriving at medical judgments expected of a physician who has completed the educational program leading to the MD degree. Please visit the OMSAS site to review the essential Skills and Abilities Required for the study of medicine.

Queen's Policy Concerning Students with Disabilities

Queen's University is committed to facilitating the integration of students with disabilities into the University community. While all students must satisfy the essential requirements for courses and programs, the administration, faculty, staff, and students at Queen's are expected to provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodation may require members of the University community to exercise creativity and flexibility in responding to the needs of students with disabilities while maintaining academic standards. This policy acknowledges that fundamental to the academic and personal success of students is their responsibility both to demonstrate self-reliance and to identify needs requiring accommodation.