Criminal Record Clearance

Criminal Record Clearance

Information Regarding Police Records Check Policy:
  1. All students who accept an offer of admission into a Medical, Residency, Nursing or Rehabilitation Therapy program will provide evidence of a Police Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening, conducted at their expense, before they will be permitted to register in the program.

  2. The Schools will make reasonable efforts to inform potential applicants of the requirement to have a Police Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening and that a “not clear” Police Check may result in withdrawal of an offer of admission, or suspension or expulsion from the program.

  3. An applicant or student who submits false, misleading or incomplete information about a criminal charge or criminal record may be subject to sanction by the School and/or the University.

  4. The Ontario Human Rights Code permits the discrimination in the provision of educational services on the basis of a criminal record, provided that a pardon has not been granted under the Criminal Records Act.   Accordingly, it would not be a violation of the human rights code to deny admission to the Faculty of Health Sciences to any individual who has a criminal record. 

  5. Nevertheless, universities are required to act fairly and reasonably when making decisions that affect the rights and opportunities of others.  As a result, decisions which result in the denial of admission to or removal from an academic program must be made thoughtfully, respecting the need for due process.