The Queen’s School of Medicine uses a combined MMI and panel interview in the assessment of qualifying candidates.  The goal of using the MMI is to more effectively assess non-cognitive qualities of an applicant, which could include empathy, critical thinking, ethical decision making and communication skills.

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Instructions for Candidates

Please read these instructions carefully.  If you have any questions regarding the MMI process, the Admissions Staff will be happy to answer them.

  • Before registering, please ensure that you have checked all personal belongings (i.e. coats, backpacks, purses) in the coat room.  No personal belongings including CELL PHONES are  allowed into the MMI exam site.
  • When you register with your identification, you will be given a name tag which must be placed so that it can be clearly seen by the interview staff.  This name tag will indicate which room number you will start at.
  • Upon completing your registration, you will be directed to the waiting area.  Once you have registered, you will be required to stay at the exam site until you are finished.  When you have finished the last MMI station, you will be directed to the Personal Interview location. 
  • In the waiting area you will be given a booklet of blank paper and a pencil.  You may use this to help you through the MMI circuit.  You must return the booklet and pencil when you leave the MMI site.  Failure to return these items may result in disqualification for admission.
  • No breaks have been scheduled during the MMI circuit. Before you begin, please ensure that you will not need to leave the circuit, except for an emergency situation. 
  • During the course of the MMI, you will move from one station to another.  Each station is numbered sequentially. After completing a station, you will move to the next sequential station. 
  • Stations are numbered 1 to 18.  You will complete 6 stations. There are 3 tracks of the same 6 stations running in each interview cycle.
  • Please do not talk in the hall between stations.  There are hall monitors to assist you should you have a problem while outside the MMI rooms.
  • There are two types of stations:
    • Role Play with Actor and an Evaluator
    • Interviewer and Evaluator

The evaluator is there to observe only and may not interact with you.  

  • You will have two minutes between stations to read a scenario posted on the outside of the door and to formulate your response.   If you like, you may write notes in the booklet provided.  The scenario will also be posted inside the room.  
  • A message will sound when you are to enter the station.
  • Each station will be 7 minutes in length. You will have 5 minutes to respond to the stem and with 2 minutes remaining you will be asked a follow-up question.
  • A message will sound at the end of the seven minutes indicating the end of the encounter and that you are to move to the door for the next station.
  • If you finish the station prior to the end signal, please remain inside the station.
  • The Personal interview will last approximately twenty minutes.   During this interview you will be asked a series of questions and if time allows, provided an opportunity to ask your own questions.


All candidates attending interviews will be required to sign a Confidentiality Non-Disclosure statement, to ensure the integrity and security of the MMI process.  Any violation of the signed statement will result in removal of the admissions process.
Candidates offered interviews should be aware that the MMI is only scheduled once per year, over the course of two weekends. Rescheduling, regardless of the reason, will not be accommodated.