The Queen’s School of Medicine uses a combined MMI and panel interview in the assessment of qualifying candidates.  The goal of using the MMI is to more effectively assess non-cognitive qualities of an applicant, which could include empathy, critical thinking, ethical decision making and communication skills.

During the course of the interview, each candidate will move from one station to another.  To commence the interview process, each candidate is positioned in front of a station door on which instructions, or a scenario, are posted.  After two minutes, a chime and voice will indicate to enter the room.   While in each station, another chime will ring indicating the seven minute mark at which point the candidate should begin to conclude that station.  At the eight minute mark, a chime will ring and a voice will indicate moving to the next station. 

At each station, the candidate interacts with, or is observed by a different examiner for 7 minutes.  This presents the candidate with the opportunity to create a first impression each time they begin a new station.   At the conclusion of the MMI, participants will be given a further opportunity to speak about themselves and ask any brief questions in a short panel interview.  

All candidates attending interviews will be required to sign a Confidentiality Non-Disclosure statement, to ensure the integrity and security of the MMI process.  Candidates offered interviews should be aware that the MMI is only scheduled once per year, over the course of two weekends in March.  Rescheduling, regardless of the reason, will not be accommodated.