Cumulative GPA

This calculation consists of all years of undergraduate study, up to the point of application, regardless of whether study is full time or part time. 

  • Includes summer and supplemental courses
  • Candidates completing more than one degree program can expect  all grades to be included
  • Only grades from courses completed by the application deadline will be included
  • Degree programs or individual courses are not considered a factor in the calculation of GPAs
  • Calculations include grades from all courses included on the transcript, including repeated courses
  • Courses with Pass/Fail grades or transfer credits (including International Baccalaureate, Advance Placement and CEGEP programs)  are not included
  • No adjustments are made based on course load or course levels

NOTE:  The following courses of study will not be included in the GPA: naturopathic and chiropractic medicine, consecutive bachelor of education programs, challenge for credit courses, diploma or certificate programs, graduate courses, and undergraduate courses taken as part of a graduate program.