Grade Point Averages

Two undergraduate grade point averages (GPAs) will be calculated for each candidate:

Note:  GPAs are calculated using converted grade points based on the OMSAS Conversion Scale

Each year the Queen's School of Medicine Admissions Committee determines minimum requirements for undergraduate GPAs.   These minimums vary, sometimes significantly, from year to year.  We do not publish our previous or current GPA as they do not predict what minimums will be in future application cycles.    

General Information:

  • Both GPA calculations will use only grades from courses completed by the application deadline
  • There is no requirement for full time study, however only the cumulative GPA will be calculated for those not enrolled in full time study
  • Full time study is defined as a minimum of three courses per semester
  • Full time study must be completed during the academic year, from September to April
  • Degree programs or individual courses are not considered a factor in the calculation of GPAs
  • Calculations include grades from all courses included on the transcript, including repeated courses
  • Courses with Pass/Fail grades or transfer credits (including International Baccalaureate, Advance Placement and CEGEP programs)  are not included
  • No adjustments are made based on course load or course levels

NOTE:  The following courses of study will not be included in the GPA: naturopathic and chiropractic medicine, consecutive bachelor of education programs, challenge for credit courses, diploma or certificate programs, graduate courses, and undergraduate courses taken as part of a graduate program.

International grades

Applicants who have studied outside of North America must have their foreign transcripts evaluated through The World Education Services (WES). Information pertaining to the assessment of international grades can be found on the OMSAS website.

The standard CGPA and 2YGPA will not be calculated for candidates submitting only foreign transcripts.   Applications for these candidates will be reviewed on an individual basis by the admissions committee.