Undergraduate Administrative Staff

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Sheila Pinchin
Manager - Educational Development & Faculty Support
Ext. 78757
Jacqueline Findlay
Manager - Staffing & Student Support
Ext. 75163 

Jennifer Saunders
Manager - Undergraduate Operations
Ext. 77574
  Faye Orser
Assistant to Associate Dean
613-549-6666 Ext 3225

Rebecca Jozsa
Admissions Officer
Ext. 78017

Rachel Bauder
Admissions/Clinical Skills Assistant
Ext. 74141 
 Amanda Consack
Program Evaluation & Student Assessment Coordinator
Ext. 36948
Michelle Salamone
Program Evaluation & Student Assessment Assistant
Ext. 75581 
Tara Callaghan
Student Support
Ext. 32542/78217
Dana Halladay
Student Support
Ext. 32542/79341 
Erin Meyer
Student Affairs: Learner Wellness
Ext. 78451
Kimberly Suffron
Student Affairs: Learner Wellness
Ext. 78451 
  Brian Rutz
Finance, Awards & Special Projects Officer
Ext. 77528
Corinne Boschma
First Year
Ext. 77804
Tara Hartman
Second Year
Ext. 79546 
Candace Miller
Clerkship Curricular Courses/Lead Curricular Coordinator
Ext. 74102
Jane Gordon
Clinical Clerkship Rotations
Ext. 75162

Kathryn Bowes
Clinical Skills Coordinator
Ext. 36528

Kate Slagle
Program Manager - Standardized Patient Program & OSCE
Ext. 32647 
  Katie Bentley
Program Assistant - Standardized Patient Program & OSCE
Ext. 75673
Melissa Scott
Clinical Skills/OSCE Program Assistant
Ext. 78737

 Eleni Katsoulas
Assessment and Evaluation Consultant
Ext. 78094
 Theresa Suart
Educational Developer
Ext. 75485 

  Alice Rush-Rhodes
Special Curriculum Assistant
Sandra Jimmo
Program Assistant
Ext. 36869