Undergraduate Administrative Staff

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Management Team
Manager - Educational Development & Faculty Support Sheila Pinchin 78757
Manager - Staffing & Student Support Jacqueline Schutt 75163
Manager - Undergraduate Operations Jennifer Saunders 77574
Assistant to Associate Dean Faye Orser
613-549-6666 ext. 3225
Program Administration
Admissions Officer Rebecca Jozsa 78017
Student Support/Assessment Coordinator Amanda Consack 36948
Admissions/Clinical Skills Assistant Danielle Wallace 74141
Student Support Corinne Boschma 32542/78217
Student Support Dana Halladay 32542/79341
Student Affairs: Learner Wellness Victoria Atchison 78451
Finance, Awards & Special Projects Officer Brian Rutz 77528
Committee Support Jessica Ringelmann 74074
Curricular Team
First Year Brittany Lovelock 77804
Second Year Tara Hartman 79546
Clerkship Core Candace Miller 74102
Clerkship Rotations Jane Gordon 75162
Clinical Skills Coordinator Kathryn Bowes 36528
Program Manager - Standardized Patient Program & OSCE Kate Slagle 79307
Program Assistant - Standardized Patient Program & OSCE Katie Jones 78624
Program Assistant - OSCE Deidre Tylecki  
Clinical Centre Team    
Program Assistant Sandra Jimmo 75851
Program Assistant Erin Matthias 75851
Educational Team    
Assessment and Evaluation Consultant Eleni Katsoulas 78094
Educational Developer Theresa Suart 75485
Accreditation Coordinator Catherine Isaacs 75581
Project Assistant - Educational Development Cheryl Hallam 78456
Special Curriculum Assistant Alice Rush-Rhodes n/a