UGME Committees

The “Undergraduate Program” is responsible for the development, operation and continuing review of all processes required for the admission, education and assessment of students enrolled in the MD Degree Program at Queen’s University.  

Access to Committee Communites is limited to committee membership.  


Academic Affairs Committee
Recommends to MD PEC policy and practices on matters related to academic experience of MD and QuARMS students

Terms of Reference 
Admissions Committee    
Develops and executes admissions policies and processes.    
Terms of Reference
Awards Committee    
Oversee the terms, application and awarding of awards available in the School of Medicine.
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Communicable Diseases Advisory Group (CDAG)  
Oversees all aspects supporting of the Communicable Disease Policy.
Terms of Reference
Curriculum Committee      
Oversees the design, content and operation of all aspects of the curriculum.    
Terms of Reference
Course and Faculty Review Committee (CFRC)
Develops processes for and executes regular performance reviews of all curricular courses and teaching faculty.
Terms of Reference
Diversity Advisory Panel   
Promotes and advances the objectives outlined in the School of Medicine Diversity Statement.
Terms of Reference
Hospital Liaison Committee Established to ensure appropriate coordination between hospital and the UGME program leadership, with the goal of optimizing the educational environment. Terms of Reference
Student Assessment Committee (SAC)       
Sets and reviews standards for student assessment.
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Teaching, Learning and Integration Committee (TLIC) 
Oversees teaching methods and policies, faculty development and the promotion of innovation and scholarship.
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MD Program Executive Committee (MD-PEC)      
Oversees the entire undergraduate MD program. Responsible for policy making and action on all committee recommendations.   
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Professionalism Advisory Committee (PAC)       
Reviews reports from faculty members, staff, preceptors, clinicians, other allied health professionals concerning the professional conduct of students.
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Program Evaluation Committee (PEC)        
Develops and executes processes for reviewing the MD program in its entirety.
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Progress and Promotion Committee (P & P)  
Sets standards for and reviews student progress. Makes recommendations for promotion or remediation, as required.
Terms of Reference 
School of Medicine Academic Council (SOMAC)
Members of the Council have the power to meet and to administer the affairs of the School of Medicine.
Student Affairs Committee
Sets policies and operates processes for student personal support, career counseling and academic support. 
Under Development
Workforce Committee           
Develops processes for the assignment of Undergraduate Medical Education deliverables to Faculty Members of the School of Medicine and to monitor those processes.
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